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Somerset School Streets

Somerset School Streets

Somerset Council is working together with Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) and school communities to look into ways to reduce congestion and improve the safety of children outside the school gates. Elsewhere in the country School Streets have been proven to achieve this, we are looking to pilot this scheme with some schools in Somerset. 

What are School Street trying to achieve? 

School streets aim to:

  • Create a safer and more pleasant environment for families arriving at school, for residents and others using the street.
  • Tackling congestion and reducing risk from motorised vehicles.
  • Encourage active travel to and from school for all or part of the journey – helping to improving the health and wellbeing of young people and their families.
  • Improve air quality in the immediate area outside of the school.
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How does a School Street work?

A specific street(s) or a section of the street around a participating school will temporarily restrict non-essential motor vehicle access at set times in the morning and afternoon. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter the street during the operating times unless they are exempt (see below).

Signs and barriers at the entrances to the scheme will inform drivers of the restriction. In many schemes stewards at the barriers will ask drivers to provide proof they are permitted to enter the street and will only allow authorised vehicles to enter e.g. residents, business owners etc. at walking speed.

Is there a School Street near me?

At the moment this scheme is being proposed to be piloted in Somerset at the following schools. To have your say on these school streets or for some more information please select a school name:

Bruton Primary School Street -  26th May – 9th June

Eastover Community Primary School - 5th June – 19th June


Who is exempt from School Streets restrictions?

People walking, scooting and using cycles are not subject to the restrictions, as we want to encourage everyone to try to avoid driving in the closed sections during the restricted hours.

The following motorised vehicles would still be able to enter or exit the School Street when it is in operation:

  • Emergency services 
  • Emergency utility visits
  • Blue badge holders
  • Vehicles parked within the School Street that need to exit
  • Care workers serving a property within the School Street
  • Vehicles belonging to the residents and business within the School Street
  • School transport 
  • Waste and recycling collections


Those permitted to enter and leave the School Street will be required to drive at walking pace and may be walked through, for all or part of the way, by a Steward to ensure the safety of people within it.

What does this mean for parents and carers?

Parents or carers dropping children at school are not able to drive into a School Street zone unless they can show that they are exempt. We would ask that where possible pupils and their families walk, cycle or scoot to school. This however is not always possible, in these situations we would ask you to park considerately outside of the School Street Zone and walk, cycle or scoot the remaining distance to school, known as Park and Stride. We will work to identify suitable alternative parking options.

Can residents come and go as they please?

Residents will be permitted to enter or leave the School Street at any time. We would ask that to create a safe and pleasant environment outside the school, that where possible to avoid travelling by vehicle whilst the School Street closure is in operation.

What if I have a delivery or visitor?

We would ask that visitors and deliveries are scheduled to arrive outside the School Street closure times. They will be asked to return after the School Street has ended or to park nearby and make the remainder of the journey by foot. If a visitor is a blue badge holder they will be exempt.

Are School Staff able to enter?

School Staff will be asked to arrive at school outside of the School Street closure times. If this is not possible, if they are parking within the school staff car park they will be able to enter.

What is the legal position for closing the School Street?

An experimental traffic regulation order (ETRO) will be put in place, which allows the road to be temporarily closed by law. 

Common concerns

Won’t the School Street just move issues with congestion, road safety and parking to neighbouring street?

Evidence collected from other existing School Streets do not show that they cause issues elsewhere. 

There is potential for parking to be dispersed over a wider area rather than concentrated at the most hazardous spot outside the school gates. We will explore opportunities for official park and stride sites to help to minimise impact on other streets. 

School streets have also been proven to encourage more families to walk, cycle and scoot to school, therefore reducing the number of cars of the road.

I have limited time and it will take longer for me to get the children to school?

Often finding a suitable parking space can be a stressful and challenging experience, and you may often have to sit in a queue of traffic. Leaving the car at home, or parking elsewhere and walking the remaining distance, can often take a similar time, especially if there are walking and cycling shortcuts. It can also be a more pleasant experience, allowing time to build physical activity into your daily routine and to socialise as a family or with friends.

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