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Eastover Primary School Street


A proposed trail for Eastover Primary School

Over the past few years, Eastover School has seen an increase in the number of complaints from local residents regarding parking issues, complaints from parents/carers about the safety of children on and nearby the streets leading to school. 

As a result, Eastover School has been highlighted as a potential school who could benefit from a School Street and to become a pilot. If it was decided to go ahead, the trial would start in the late summer term or at the start of the new school year. It would run for at least six months; with the hope that it would become permanent if the school and local community supported this.


How will the School Street run?

To achieve a School Street for Eastover Primary School we are proposing to close Cornborough Street and Wellington Road (from Polden Street entrance and Devonshire Street entrance) during drop off and pick up times (excluding school holidays and weekends). 

During the closure periods, stewards will be present to help enforce this and to welcome families arriving at the School Street on foot, scooter or cycle. In order to help support this ‘park and stride’ option we are working with the parking services to allow temporary parking for school users at Barclay Street car park without charge. There is also parking at Sainsbury Supermarket. Closure times will be for approximately 45 minutes around school drop off and pick up times.

Map of proposed school street

Source of image taken from www.openstreetmap.org/ accessed 11/05/2023

**Red lines shown in the map are the suggested location of the temporary road closures. The green marked roads would be included in the closure points.

Please share your views with us

Before answering the following questions, please make sure you have read and understood the information provided about School Streets and the proposed trial. This initial consultation will help us to make an informed decision about the progression of the scheme, this initial consultation will last for 2 weeks from Monday 5th June until Monday 19th June.

*The Proposed School Street Zone includes: Cornborough Place and Wellington Road between Polden Street and Devonshire Street (as shown in the map above)

* Park and Stride means driving most of the journey but parking away from your destination (outside the proposed School Street Zone) and walking the last 5 minutes or more. 

What is your view on the following statements during drop off and pick up times within the proposed School Street zone? *The Proposed School Street Zone includes: Cornborough Place and Wellington Road between Polden Street and Devonshire Street (as shown in the above map image)

This engagement phase has finished

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