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First Somerset school awarded Modeshift STARS

Kingfisher Primary School in Yeovil has become the first Somerset school to receive the nationally recognised bronze Modeshift STARS accreditation for providing safe and sustainable travel environments.

Modeshift STARS celebrates schools which successfully work with businesses and local communities to adopt travel plans which promote sustainable and safe journeys.

Somerset County Council’s lead member for Transport and Digital, Councillor Mike Rigby, said: “Around one in four cars on the road each morning is on the school run and are responsible for half a million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually in the UK. Schemes like Modeshift STARS are crucial initiatives to help reduce these statistics and improve the air quality around school. I’d like to congratulate Kingfisher Primary School for its achievement and hope that more schools will be encouraged to take part in the initiative as we aim to get more pupils to travel by foot or bike, or at least walk the last 10 minutes to school.”

School children

Posted on 1st November 2022

by Aaron Phillips