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Are you up for the 2022 Tour De Somerset Challenge?

Taking inspiration from the Tour de France, which is due to start in Copenhagen on Friday 1 July, the challenge, should you accept it, is to help us collectively cycle 20 laps of the Somerset border (266 miles/428km) covering a total of 5,320miles/8,560km. Whether you’re a leisurely rider or a serious cyclist, ride at your pace and choose from two options for the Tour de Somerset…

Option 1 (for all levels) Set yourself a weekly goal and log your miles for a place on our weekly leader board. If you can take the lead position, you will be awarded the yellow jersey until the following week.

Once you have reached a milestone, you can proudly display a milestone medal on your email signature. Choose from, 10 miles, 25 miles, 50 miles, 75 miles, 100 miles, 150 miles, 200 miles, 300 miles or 400 miles – or collect them all! How many medals can you collect by the end of July?

Cycling is a great way to keep active and have socially distanced fun with family and friends, so we’re opening this challenge up and you can log miles for everyone that rides with you. Children can also claim their well-earned virtual milestone medal to display as they please.

Option 2 (advanced level) Take your cycling up a gear and join the climbing challenge to compete for the coveted King/Queen of the Mountains (virtual) jersey. You can use an app such as Strava to record details of your ride and enter them on the online form.

To sign up, just click here:

Family cycling.

Posted on 5th July 2022

by Aaron Phillips